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Easy Growing Container Gardening - About the Inventor and Author

Simon Marlow is an inventor and author.   He enjoys the new and unusual but he has a real passion for growing and living as 'green' a life as he can.     Simon was born in the cool, wet climes of Scotland where he spent most of his youth going to school, playing rugby but best of all learning to play golf as it was once played many years ago, as fun, with laughter and some daring.
He spent many years in college gaining a BS in engineering and finalizing with a PhD in Bio-Medical Engineering specializing in the field of open heart surgery.  
Like everyone else the honeymoon of college life came to an end, as thoughts of full time employment loomed.   Simon spent the next 20 years working in a variety of Pharmaceutical companies (SB, GSK, Sanofi)  as an IT executive travelling the world and experiencing many of the world's great cultures. 
After retiring early and having avidly followed the explosive growth of the internet, he decided to put his knowledge to use, specifically in the area of green living.    To that end he now spends most of his waking hours seeking information to combine in order to create knowledge for the betterment of future generations.
Recently he converted his home and business to a net-zero energy environment by combining solar and geothermal with LED lighting.  He grows most of his own food and is rapidly becoming a vegetarian.     If you ever visit New Hope keep an eye out for him as he drives a 'chili' red mini cooper S!

easygrowingEnjoying his lifestyle but wanting to reduce the backache of gardening in the warm climate of New Hope, Pennsylvannia he created a system to minimize the effort of weeding, watering and  feeding his variety of plants and vegetables.    'Easy Growing Container Gardens' is a concept that minimizes gardening work yet maximizes the enjoyable aspects of harvesting.   His system is easily implemented to allow the local fresh growing of plants including vegetables, herbs and flowers.   He has a patent pending on this system and he has publised the results of this growing technique on most of the major publishing platforms such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback format and he has also made the manuscript available on most tablet devices.
So if you are concerned about what you eat and where the produce comes from then this system maybe right for you.   This water saving approach can be utilised in just about all areas where growing plants are possible and you do not need to be an expert in growing, this system takes the care of plant growth, watering and no weeding required.  

Simon is the author of two other books on green living: Make Solar and Geothermal Work For You: a groundbreaking guide to achieving a net-zero home or business (Amazon 2012) and GreenHouse Gardening Made Easy (Google Play 2012). His work as a writer, photographer, publisher and entrepreneur is gaining notice and his company SP&SK Enterprises has been involved in many large Solar and Geothermal Installations

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