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Easy Growing Container Gardens - From Compost Bags

easy growing - container gardens
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A picture's worth a thousand words.....  EasyGrowing Container Gardens are the simplest way to grow plants (herbs, vegetables, flowers) and many other plant types.    This container garden system of growing vegetables takes all the backache out of growing as there is no need to weed, water or feed your plants.  

The compost bags with the automated water timer allows plants to grow naturally in even moistured compost.    The easy grow method for container gardening lets you grow plants in tight places like on decks, patios, rooftops and the like.  

If you have room for a small compost bag you have enough room to grow more than five different herbs all from the same compost bag.   If you have a small deck or patio or perhaps just outside the back door you can grow succulent tomatoes, zucchinis and great smelling flowers using this easy growing method.

These photos give just a sample of what you can grow from compost bags.   These compost bags can be directly purchased from any home and garden retailer.  A simple timer using drip hose technology will give you unparalleled success in growing just great vegetables and flowers.  

This easy to grow technique requires absolutely no specialized skills, simply purchase your flowers, herbs and vegetables and plant directly into the compost bag.  Feed the drip tape through the compost bag and link the drip tape to the timer.  That's it.  Watch  my video on this to see how it's done

Try this and see what you can achieve!   Want to know more then   you can purchase my book here or from any of the main publishers like Amazon, Barnes &  Noble and the like.

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No Weeding, No Watering, No feeding, No Spraying......Just harvesting all year round

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